Start page numbering at specific page in Office 2007 (Microsoft word)

Posted by on May 2, 2011

Every time I have to start numbering from a specific page in Word 2007, I have been in trouble. I have been asked by so many people to help with this. However, i have never been able to make it in the first try. This time I thought of taking note to insert page number at specific page. The note is as below:

You can also watch video for more clarity.

Step 1 : Click at the top of the page where you want to start numbering pages.

Step 2 : On the Page Layout tab, click Breaks >>> Continuous.

Step 3 : On in the Insert tab, Click Page Number. Choose the position in the header or footer where you want your page number to appear.

Step 4: In the Navigation group, click to deselect Link to previous

Step 5: Scroll up one page and delete the page number from header or footer. After this step you should have no page number at the beginning of your document.

Above mentioned steps will start page numbering from a certain page and the page number starts from 3 or 2 or the number of pages you have skipped on step 1 by clicking on the top of the page from where you want numbering.

If you wish to have numbering start from 1 even in the 3rd page after skipping numbering on first 2 , continue with the following steps

Step 6 : On the Insert tab, Click Page Numbers >>> Format Page Numbers

Step 7 : Select Start at radio button and write the appropriate value in the box Start at or select Continue from previous section which is by default selected.

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20 Responses to Start page numbering at specific page in Office 2007 (Microsoft word)

  1. Nirbhay Pandya

    This was of Awesome help…..Thanks man… :)

  2. Nausheen

    It worked Great help bundle of thanks………………………………..

  3. Mukunth

    he great wk man……………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. zeinab

    thanks, it works great….

  5. Manas

    Thanks dude…!!!

  6. Carol

    When I go to the previous page and delete that page number, it deletes all the page numbers from the one I’ve just created in the second section. When I highlight the page number I just added (page 8), I can’t get the following page numbers to appear. I want to start numbering ON page 8 WITH page number 8. Help!

  7. Anggie

    Wow it’s work…!!

  8. Rajeewa

    This guide helped me a lot… Thanx for the post..

  9. Niranjan

    Very good guide. It helped me a lot.

  10. prabhu singh

    superb….it makes my project work easier

  11. sandeep

    very very useful, thanks to you dear

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  13. Ausrys

    Thanks. Quik’ n’ easy.

  14. Ejaz

    Thanks. It worked for me too.

  15. mahi

    Awesome yaar……Great job done. I was deadly in need of it.
    Thanx man.

  16. Siva Srinivas Kolukula

    It worked well. Initially I faced problems later on after few trials I was able to manage. One has to click at the top of the page if no content present on page and at start of paragraph if text is present; then it is possible to delete the previous page numbers. If click is not at right position of the page, deleting page number at one page deletes all page numbers as Carol faced.

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  19. limnyuy neville

    U have sold my problem today.great thanks for i am very greatful

  20. Uttam Sinha

    thanks a lotttt

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